Jan Hus, Czech scholar, priest and religious reformer, successor of J. Wycliffe, predecessor of M. Luther. 605 years ago, on July 6, 1415, he was burned at the stake for heresy against the Roman-Catholic Church. One of the most important characters of Czech national tradition.

I agree with ⁦@nfergus⁩: ⁦@BjornLomborg⁩ is rational, common sense voice in endless sea of irrational panic + hysteria. I’ve read his “Sceptical Environmentalist” and “Cool It” and I order this new book as well. Does he still live in Prague?

Particularly weird showcase of political correctness. The world of country music has been always full of references to the past, as integral part of the genre. This self-inflicted, self-imposed self-censorship is therefore pathetically overplayed. What comes next – southern rock?

Ridiculous – ⁦@donaldtuskEPP⁩ is president of the ⁦@EPP⁩. EPP is member of the ⁦@idualliance⁩. It’s the same political family as ⁦@GOP⁩, whose #POTUS nominee is ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩. But Mr.Tusk publicly endorsed his rival🤦‍♂️. https://www.politico.eu/article/donald-tusk-i-pray-for-joe-bidens-success-us-elections-donald-trump/