As for ⁦@ecrgroup⁩, European federation is absolutely unacceptable. Our parties and governments will do whatever is needed to block this idea. #EU must not turn into superstate, but just the contrary: it must respect its sovereign member states.

Bude zajímavé sledovat, jak se nová německá vláda postaví k plynovodu #NordStream2. @spdde jako součást bývalé vlády asi pro, @fdp také spíše pro, @Die_Gruenen asi proti a pokusí se celou záležitost přenést na úroveň #EU, kde na to dá @EU_Commission nejspíš “razítko” – a hotovo.

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.⁦@ASEAN⁩ and China announced new Comprehensive Strategic Partnership at its special meeting. This is yet another evidence of how dynamic economic + political development in the region is. #EU needs to reflect it in relevant strategic documents.